Integrated business automation platform

Maintain your workflow by consolidating all of your tools and touch points into one platform. Accounting, Project Billing, Sales, Support, Marketing, and HRM are all included.

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Why EalSuite?

Neural Intelligence

EalSuite offers the most extensive and integrated finance and customer service capability available. We put a lot of money into research and development, and our cloud is updated every seven days. The detection of abnormalities, the prediction of possible outcomes, and the formulation of proposals are all aided by pervasive AI and machine learning.

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Become more resilient and agile, and you'll be in a better position to grow. EalSuite Business gives you the flexibility to easily adjust business models and processes, allowing you to save money, improve forecasting, and innovate more.

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Administrators may personalise the portal, grant secure access, and manage a variety of settings to help you streamline and organise your process. To meet your company's working style, each job has varied access privileges that include actions like submit, transfer, or assign an issue. With a single touch, you can manage all user accounts and set up user-related data.

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What is EalSuite Platform?

EalSuite is a robust accounting and business programme that uses a proprietary technology known as concurrent multi-lingual accelerated technology engine. It is simple to use software that is designed to make complex day-to-day business processes easier to manage which also offers a complete solution for project principles, inventory management, and data integrity.

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Smooth Resilience For Various types of Companies

EalSuite provides comprehensive solutions for a wide range of business demands, from military and government applications to the most cutting-edge startups.

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Platform Independent

With your online, desktop, and mobile native browsers, you can take EalSuite with you everywhere you go.

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